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And Hahn is playing his poker hand awaiting offers. He might not want to wait to long as other teams will become sellers soon. I hope they hang on to Sale, Peavy, Santiago, Reed, and Jones; as pitching is very hard to come by. I hope they can move Viciedo and Ramirez; because either there making bone headed errors or swinging for the fences with very poor results. I am hoping they can land a CF and Catcher and some decent prospects. I'm sure alot of teams will be interested in Crain,Thornton, Konerko, and Rios. I can only hope some team is desperate enough to want Dunn, Flowers, or Axelrod. This is going to be a long year for Sox fans everywhere. I just can't believe this is a MLB team with all the mental errors this team makes day after day. I like Ventura but he just might be too laid back to be a successful Manager. This team needs a boot in the ass and some new aggressive players brought into the organization.
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