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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Really all I want from him now is to stop pitching these young starters over 100 innings for no real benefit.
I agree. This makes no sense. It was inexcusable to let Sale, a guy who missed a recent start due to arm trouble, throw so many pitches in his last outing. It's not about letting Sale stay in the game to get a possible deserved win. That's the thought of an amateur, of someone who is more worried about what players will think of him than doing what's best for the team.

I've been troubled by Ventura's game pitching decisions and how much input Cooper has. I think Cooper is a great pitching coach in preparing a pitcher for success. However, I have no faith in Cooper's judgement during a game. Ventura's handling of pitchers has been bad and Cooper has his fingerprints on that.
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