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KW had flaws as a GM, certainly. I think his new job gives him an opportunity to do what he does well - scouting.

Both Swisher trades in particular hurt the Sox.

I can't blame management for Peavy's detached lat or his current injury, or Dunn's struggles. However, we would not have "needed" to trade for Peavy if we hadn't dealt Gio, nor signed Dunn if Swisher hadn't bombed and had to be shipped out, leaving us without a decent LH hitter.

I oppose the "loyalty over performance excellence" philosophy of this organization, but that does not mean that current members of our management team don't have useful skills. Firing people just to satisfy the bloodlust of meatball fans accomplishes little.

I'm willing to give Hahn some time to fix the mess he inherited. I expect he will retain what we do well - develop pitchers - and use a SABR-informed approach to make necessary changes to our position player drafting and development system. And I expect he will blend KW's "scouting-informed" influence when it is warranted to do so.
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