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Originally Posted by Jurr View Post
Yup, which is why I always HATED the Thome signing.

Is Thome a bad guy? Nope.
Is he a terrible baseball player? Absolutely not.

What he signified, though, was Kenny Williams' refusal to stick to a philosophy change.
I truly believe that NOT having a ton of power in the lineup makes you sharper as a team. You're looking to sacrifice. You're looking to execute a hit and run, because the three run homer isn't guaranteed.

Having guys like Thome and Dunn slow you down. You turn the brain volume down and stand at first or second base, hoping that they don't pull another ball right into the shift.

It's terrible baseball.
But it's easier to throw money at power hitters than it is to build a team through perseverance, knowledge and craft. And once Kenny got the keys to the vault, he figured he had it made and let's face it, easier is the way people do their jobs if they think they have it made.

Except, of course, you and me.
If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.
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