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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

Agree completely. Think you are exactly correct.

Nobody is saying power is bad, nobody is saying home runs are bad, nobody is saying you can't have home run hitters when you play half your games at U.S. Cellular Field.

What some folks are saying is you need some ways other than home runs to win games since nobody can guarantee the Sox are going to hit three home runs a game with a guy or two on base.

Balance isn't a dirty word folks.

100% true except for the fact that no, somebody DID say that IN THIS VERY THREAD...

Originally Posted by Jurr View Post
I truly believe that NOT having a ton of power in the lineup makes you sharper as a team. You're looking to sacrifice. You're looking to execute a hit and run, because the three run homer isn't guaranteed.

Having guys like Thome and Dunn slow you down. You turn the brain volume down and stand at first or second base, hoping that they don't pull another ball right into the shift.

It's terrible baseball.
I don't necessarily care what your opinions on how to build a baseball team are, that's all fine, just don't try this "uh, nobody said power was bad" BS when in fact, yeah, someone actually did. Don't give me this ****ing **** like we're responding to nobody.

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