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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Nobody denies that the Sox need to have a few sluggers to have an offense that plays well to the park. However, the games where that power is a bonus are a handful. Power is cut down substantially due to weather in April and mid-to-late September. So let's say our home dates when the weather is warm (so the ball sails more) and the wind isn't a crossbreeze, extra power is a good idea. So that's roughly 40-50 games out of 162.

Balance is needed. We don't have any. We have one good top of the order hitter in the worse slump of his career (Keppinger) a bunch of low-average/high strikeout power hitters and the rest are well below league average hitters.

Agree completely. Think you are exactly correct.

Nobody is saying power is bad, nobody is saying home runs are bad, nobody is saying you can't have home run hitters when you play half your games at U.S. Cellular Field.

What some folks are saying is you need some ways other than home runs to win games since nobody can guarantee the Sox are going to hit three home runs a game with a guy or two on base.

Balance isn't a dirty word folks.

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