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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
It doesn't make much sense to play half your games at the Cell with a team that doesn't have any power. The park is a great place to hit home runs, but a bad place for singles and doubles hitters. The gaps play extremely small.
Nobody denies that the Sox need to have a few sluggers to have an offense that plays well to the park. However, the games where that power is a bonus are a handful. Power is cut down substantially due to weather in April and mid-to-late September. So let's say our home dates when the weather is warm (so the ball sails more) and the wind isn't a crossbreeze, extra power is a good idea. So that's roughly 40-50 games out of 162.

Balance is needed. We don't have any. We have one good top of the order hitter in the worse slump of his career (Keppinger) a bunch of low-average/high strikeout power hitters and the rest are well below league average hitters.

My issue with Manto is the his philosophy of hitting: That we should be super-aggressive and swing at pitches early in the count. Considering the number of high-strikeout guys and hitters with poor approaches in the lineup, we should be taking pitches to get a favorable count. Also, we're 28th in walks. A few extra base runners could help...

How many of our K's this year are due to letting the pitcher get ahead in the count giving him a distinct advantage?
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