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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
It doesn't make much sense to play half your games at the Cell with a team that doesn't have any power. The park is a great place to hit home runs, but a bad place for singles and doubles hitters. The gaps play extremely small.
This is a fact that many people choose to ignore. I will never understand the "home runs are bad" crowd. We are losing because we are getting out slugged by most teams this year. If you build your lineup with nine Jeff Keppingers and Juan Pierres, you are going to get slaughtered in the American League especially the way our ballpark plays in the summer. Ask the Orioles, Rangers, or Red Sox if all those home runs are hurting their chances to win. The Sox rank 13th out of 15th in the AL in HRs. This is one of the big reasons they can't score.
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