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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

It's probably going to take four years at least to turn things around (if you're lucky...)

Things are bad right now but I disagree with this statement. People said similar things after dreadful seasons in 2007 and 2011 and in both cases, the Sox found themselves in contention the following season. During all of this dreadful run, the Sox continue to get solid starting pitching which is normally the hardest thing to build. This is why I think this team could definitely contend in 2014 with a re-tooling of the starting 9 and not a complete tear-down. This year's Red Sox team did a good job of re-tooling and turned a 69 win team into a contender the following year.

Just look at all the one run games the Sox have lost this year due to lack of offensive production. Replacement level players in many cases (LF, Catcher, 1B) would likely have made those 1 run losses into wins. If Hahn can make a few good moves at the deadline as well as in the offseason leading up to 2014 and keep most of the starting pitching staff intact, I think the Sox could contend next year.
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