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I'm not sure a change of hitting coach would make much difference, but after some thought, I agree that is should be done. At the very least, it sends a message to the players and the fans. That message being that management sees there's a problem. Would there be a difference in performance or add wins? Maybe.

Maybe what we really need is a fielding coach. Catching and throwing the ball are the essence of basic baseball skills. We are not good at it. Check that, we are terrible. Maybe invest in a base running coach, too.

I'm being tongue in check here, but nothing frustrates me more than not being able to catch the ball, throw the ball, and have enough head in the game to avoid stupid base running mistakes.

Back to a different hitting there a rule that says we can't hire a hitting coach who was an actual good major league hitter?
Yes Virginia, there really is a Kalamazoo.

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