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I'm of the opinion that the goal should be salary dumps. If you can unload any of Rios/Dunn/Danks/Ramirez/Crain/Peavy/Thornton/Keppinger salaries even if it means nothing but D+ prospects, do it. Call up the Angel front office. They don't seem to mind taking on bad contracts (Vernon Wells, anyone?). I wouldn't even consider the return because I can't imagine it would be much with any of those guys. Shoot for some lottery tickets in the low minors. Refrain from resigning any expiring contracts (bye PK ). Keep Sale, Quintana, Santiago, Reed unless you are blown away by an offer, and start the offseason with a clean slate. I'd like to see the type of team that Hahn can build from scratch. The team will suck for a couple years, but I can't imagine they will suck any worse than if they try fielding a team with all of the guys mentioned above.
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