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Originally Posted by joegraz View Post
I hate piling on, but this has been coming for a long time. KW stumbled onto a WS win (thank you very much) and inadvertently convinced JR that he could be trusted with the keys to the car. Bad player, bad GM...gee, we better promote him to VP.

The 900 pound gorilla is one Robin Ventura. You simply do not put a major league baseball team in the hands of a man who has never so much as coached a little league team. If he had, I'd argue the Sox would have made the playoffs last year.

I loved him as a player. He is a decent man. He is giving his all. He is simply in over his head.

The unfortunate reality is that, JR makes money even when the Sox suck....even when attendance sucks. There is no real incentive to improve except pride. Apparently, loyalty rates higher.
I don't know if I could blame Robin for this mess. Sure has little experience but now he has a year under his belt. What he has is a team that can't hit and that are station to station. That is a bad combo when they are not hitting HRs. As for AJ, they were going to lose with him and/or without him. Maybe they wouldn't lose as badly tho. The only good about Kenny is that he tries to win. Sure he gets pantsed a few times on trades but he tried. Over all he has been ok, no GM is perfect on moves especially when the money is tight. All the scouts should have been years ago, these guys blow big time.
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