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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

Not saying I agree with Noneck's position but I understand where he is coming from.

Right now things look so ****ed up both at the big league level and in the minor leagues that let's suppose the team is sold this off season a brand new front office is brought in and you are looking at basically a total rebuild.

It's probably going to take four years at least to turn things around (if you're lucky...)

By that time Sale's deal is running out, he's four years older, more milage on the arm. Hell he could be injured.

Noneck is saying (I think) that if the Sox decide to go the rebuilding mode with current ownership or not, by the time they've turned this cesspool around Sale might not be worth much at all. If you are going to go this approach and suck the next four years you may as well trade the few good pieces you actually have to get back two or three good prospects who may actually have a chance to contribute when things start moving forward.

Again not saying that's the way I'd go, but I understand the point. If you can get a king's ransom for Sale and say Reed, you have to at least consider it.

The situation is so bad right now, so devoid of talent no one can be untouchable and all options simply have to be at least considered.


Yes Lip, thats what I meant and also Sale makes money now. I see the Sox going on the total cheap if they rebuild, he wont bring fans to the park so having a ace thats making decent money on a 70 win team, for 4-5 years wont make sense to the Sox.
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