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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
These veterans you speak of have very little worth. Rios probably has the most and that wont be a top level prospect. Crain, Thornton, are both aging and FAs, they wont get you much, Dunn, Paul, Ramirez, DeAza, J. Danks get you nothing. Peavy maybe in off season if he has a good last 2 months. Its between a rock and a hard place time.
After Sale and Peavy, the value is in Quintana and Santiago, two capable, young, cheap, lefty starters. Just extract full value.

It's a shame Peavy's hurt - even if he recovers in time, another injury depreciated his trade value. And it's a shame Thornton is pitching poorly this year, although we should have let him go a couple of years ago at his peak.
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