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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
I agree in that I am not a big fan of Ventura as manager. But that is more on Williams. After the 2011 debacle, he goes out and hires an inexperienced man without even interviewing others. So we agree on another thing: KW needs to go or at least give him something else to do. But keep him from running this team.
RV was hired as a marketing ploy to placate a jaded fanbase. I'm sure there are plenty of STHs that held onto their tickets in the 2011 offseason because of their nostalgic view of RV. He lucked into a nice 3 month run his first year that allowed people to overlook his inexperience as well a the lack of talent on the team.

Nice enough, although boring, guy. But currently MLB manager material? No.

Regarding KW, I realize hindsight biases people's view, but did anyone consider hiring RV a bad move at the time, or was people's view of the hire skewed by their feelings toward Ventura as a player?
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