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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
Wait a mintue, Kenny brought in all of those guys. Kenny was the guy who let the farm system wither away to nothing, Kenny was the guy who financially hand tied to the team to bad contracts. This year is more on Kenny than it is on Hahn!
Hahn did nothing to fix it, and actually made it worse. He let AJ walk and replaced him Flowers (horrible move) and Keppinger (bad move). Seeing regression from the core (Konerko, Dunn), Hahn chose not to upgrade at other positions when an easy upgrade was possible in the outfield, where he instead chose to return the worst statistical regular LF in baseball for another go. People don't want to blame Hahn for some of these failures, but that's not taking into consideration things that should have been obvious to baseball people. Flowers and Viciedo were NEVER going to be starter quality players. De Aza's swing has always projected to be that of a borderline player. These are not players you count on if you're building a contender. If Hahn didn't realize that, he doesn't deserve to be General Manager.
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