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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

2. Ozzie tried, Robin has tried to get fundamentals taught and preached (granted I honestly don't think Ozzie cared much but in fact he did try from time to time). Yet the same players are making the same mistakes.

There's a reason why guys can't hit the cutoff man, execute bunts, work a hit and run, keep getting caught on the bases. It's because they are baseball-stupid. Not saying they aren't smart guys, not saying they don't have common sense, I'm saying in terms of the small things about the game, the details, they are simply baseball stupid.

And it's costing the Sox wins.

The players know that Robin has very little he can hold over them despite the stupid things they keep doing. Who is going to replace DeAza for example when the Sox don't have a leadoff man? Who is going to replace Ramirez and his half assed attitude when they don't have another shortstop??

The players know this...Robin has to know it and the fans have known about this stuff since 2009.


The question then is what happened last year to make us one of the best defensive teams in baseball? Do the Sox still take infield before the first game of road series? Don't know if that makes much of a difference or not but something has changed drastically with pretty much the same group of guys who caught the ball really well last year. Maybe it was just a fluke.
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