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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
After another dreadful loss last night, I have come to some conclusions:
1) The White Sox organization has no regard for Josh Phegley. If they did he would be playing on the White Sox now. Tyler Flowers looks totally overmatched at the plate. I think it was only right that Flowers be given a chance to make it this year. He's got his chance and he has flopped. I would think if the White Sox had a high opinion of Phegley, he would be given his chance now.
2) There's a nice article in todays Sun Times about Chris Sale. After losing last nights ugly game the article pointed out how Sale is not into the blame game. Some players blame their teammates for their losses. Sale could of blamed the White Sox offense or Ramirez for his loss last night, but he didn't. It's good to see that he's not a crybaby and he's not into the blame game. Some players have always been good at the blame game. One of them was Ron/Pizza Man/ Scab/Santo. It's good to see that Sale is not like that.
3) I'm just wondering if the real reason Hahn hasn't made any trades yet is because the other teams don't want most of the players Hahn is offering. Other than Sale, Rios and Reed I can't see any other team wanting anybody else the White Sox have. I would think that you probably wouldn't get much for Crain either simply because he's a free agent at the end of the season.
You get B prospects for these relievers with great numbers, free agent or not, if you try. We spent too many resources coddling goodwill. No giveaways of real players anymore, please.
As for Phegley, I'm hoping it's a matter of the Sox not wanting to rush him - I know he's older, but he's had a lot of DL time too. No use rushing a player up for this scrub team. Just like there's no point in pitching our young pitchers 100+ innings.
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