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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Oh I think for a young cost controlled closer we could probably do fairly well. And while closer is a role that people like to **** on, when teams are not meeting their Pythagorean projections, it's almost always because of that role. The Tigers have a good record, but at +81 they should be 4-5 games even better at this point. With as many blown saves as they've had, it's obvious what's holding them back. I think they'll do what it takes to correct it. Especially since they don't need their prospects to succeed.
I think it is unrealistic to believe Addison Reed, who has been closing less than one full season and has had a week in which he has given up two game tying home runs (the sort of thing that makes teams and their fans look for a new closer) has trade-deadline value beyond the value the White Sox have in him. The Padres were shopping Heath Bell at the deadline of his free agent year and weren't offered anything approaching what they were asking. Bell was headed for free agency, but the way young closers tend to flame out, they don't have nearly the dependability of an All-Star veteran.

Reed has neither the consistency or the track record that a team like the Tigers would give up much for.
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