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To be the "glass half full" contrarian, I think we could come up with a pretty decent list of players the Sox have produced, and/or acquired early in their careers, and/or started with the Sox and went on to productive careers elsewhere, and/or reached their career peak with the Sox, just in the last 35 years, starting with:

Harold Baines
Britt Burns
Richard Dotson
LaMarr Hoyt
Ron Kittle
Carlton Fisk (played more games with us than BOS)
Greg Walker (nice first half to his career)
Ozzie Guillen
Ivan Calderon
Bobby Bonilla (we developed him)
Bobby Thigpen
Ron Karkovice
Lance Johnson
Jack McDowell
Robin Ventura
Frank Thomas
Alex Fernandez
Wilson Alvarez
Roberto Hernandez
Mike Cameron (we developed him)
Ray Durham
Keith Foulke
Paul Konerko
Magglio Ordonez
Carlos Lee
Chad Bradford (we developed him)
Joe Crede
Mark Buehrle
Jon Garland
Aaron Rowand
Bobby Jenks
Matt Thornton
John Danks
Carlos Quentin
Alexei Ramirez
Chris Sale

I think it's also fair to say these players grown elsewhere reached their career peaks with the Sox:

Jermaine Dye
Scott Podsednik
AJ Pierzynski
Freddy Garcia
Jose Contreras

You may now continue with your "woe is me" pity party.
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