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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
His recent premature, erroneous, HR call was an incredibly sad moment. Not just because he got it wrong, but because the excitement was so over-the-top and misplaced. It was a meaningless game for a team not contending for anything. I like his passion, but it's a more than a little cloying IMO.

I've enjoyed Hawk over the years, but this team needs a top-to-bottom, organization-wide makeover and that includes the announcers and marketing. The whole product seems really stale to me.

As for Farmer/DJ, I'm seemingly one of the very few that sort of like them. They seem to have things in perspective and don't sugar coat as much as their TV counterparts.

To each his own really applies when it comes to broadcasters, obviously.

While I have been a bit critical of Hawk recently, he is still lite years better than the radio duo.

The deal with Hawk is that when the Sox are winning, he is fine,but when they are losing, he is a tough listen....but again, isn't that going to be the truth for anyone in the booth?

When the Sox are winning, beer tastes better, food tastes better,women love me, and I am a god.....when they are losing, I am in a world of spit.
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