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Meh, I like Hawk. He has a good broadcasting voice, a good pace, and he has some great calls. His Hawkisms are a part of the White Sox and a part of the fan base. When attending games Ill always here He gone! after big strike outs, You can put it on the board etc.. Even people who claim to hate Hawk Im sure have said those things being fans of the team.

He is pretty crazy sometimes with calls but thats because hes a giant fan of the team just like the rest of us. Im sure Ive sounded like a crazy person screaming at the TV after bad calls, or almost home runs too. I know people say But hes a broadcaster hes supposed to be a pro! Well, hes a homer, he admits it, and he isnt going to change. Good for him. Ive heard other people talk about how its embarrassing to have Hawk as the Sox announcer. To that I say, who the hell cares what sports talk shows like Bores and Bernstein and websites like deadspin have to say about Hawk. If you havent noticed those guys and that site make fun of everything, its kinda their thing

Itll be a sad day when I dont get to hear You can put it on the booooooard YES! after a White Sox Home Run.
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