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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
In the 4-1 win over Oakland, Hawk treated Rios' run-scoring in the 8th as if it was the World Series. Yes, it was a clutch hit, but the description was a little overboard. Hawk has not become Santo. He has become desperate. For almost anything.
So Harrelson has become Jack Brickhouse -- the Cubs' Brickhouse, I am really too young to speak to the Brickhouse that did White Sox games, but I don't see why Hey-Hey and the rising pitch in his voice with the increased excitement would have been reserved for Wrigley when WGN was doing the home games on both sides of town.

Ron Santo wasn't simply a homer. He was an incompetent communicator approaching the end. Harrelson is the butt of a lot of jokes in other major league cities, but he's not the but of the same jokes Santo was the butt of.

The A's announcers were sort of on Harrelson this weekend because they pride themselves on not being homers. But Ray Fosse spent a good deal of time this weekend complaining about calls and the demeanor of the umpires and such, although he kept a steady, unexcited voice. He must have mentioned late in the Saturday and Sunday games maybe 20 times that the A's should have a chance against Reed because he gave up five runs in one inning in Seattle. He was talking Sunday about the umpires depriving the A's of a win Saturday.

As much as I dislike Harrelson as an announcer, I dislike most other baseball announcers at least as much.
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