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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Depends on what "rebuilding" means. If it means tearing it down to scratch and starting over then probably not, but I don't see the Sox doing that. They will shed some high end contracts and sign some new FA. I just cant see them going to full rebuild mode for two reasons:

1. They don't have the minor league players to do ti with.

2. Their pitching staff could be quite good for a few more years at least. Danks, Sale, Quintana, Santiago, Axelrod, Reed and even Jones are fine pieces to build a pitching staff around. I assume Floyd is gone and I don't see Peavy coming back unless he gives them a nice discount, but I imagine he wants to go somewhere he has a serious shot at a title. I won't be shocked if he signs with the Yankees actually, but could see both the Giants and Cardinals making a run at him and there are probably plenty of other teams would love to have him who are a stud 1/2 starter from making a serious run at the whole thing.
I would like to see the Sox have an offseason like the Red Sox did this past winter, although they don't have quite as much money to spend (though the Sox do not have much in the way of long-term contracts). Sign a number of quality free agents to short-term deals to compete in the short and medium term, while putting more effort into developing young talent on the farm.
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