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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
I would want to stay at my 8 month a year, multi million dollar paying job too. This writer obviously needed a story by a deadline.

In the bigger picture, if the Sox decide to go into full rebuild mode in 2014, do they want to go into it with a manager with 2 year of so-so experience dealing with mostly veteran teams or do you bring in someone with rebuild experience? Not saying that sticking with RV wrong be the wrong decision, just a thought.

From a marketing standpoint, I don't think they get rid of Ventura anytime soon.
Depends on what "rebuilding" means. If it means tearing it down to scratch and starting over then probably not, but I don't see the Sox doing that. They will shed some high end contracts and sign some new FA. I just cant see them going to full rebuild mode for two reasons:

1. They don't have the minor league players to do ti with.

2. Their pitching staff could be quite good for a few more years at least. Danks, Sale, Quintana, Santiago, Axelrod, Reed and even Jones are fine pieces to build a pitching staff around. I assume Floyd is gone and I don't see Peavy coming back unless he gives them a nice discount, but I imagine he wants to go somewhere he has a serious shot at a title. I won't be shocked if he signs with the Yankees actually, but could see both the Giants and Cardinals making a run at him and there are probably plenty of other teams would love to have him who are a stud 1/2 starter from making a serious run at the whole thing.

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