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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
First, Jackson was very good with the Sox (3.66 ERA 174 SO). The Sox gave Hudson 5 starts and he gave up 18 earned runs. He goes over to Arizona and has a great half year. His second year with Arizona was very Gavin Floydesque. Then he gets hurt and will probably never pitch again. It was a good trade then and it's a good trade now. Hudson ended up with a 3.58 ERA in the NL.
Hudson was bad pitcher, but people are never gonna see it that way, especially since he's been injured.

There's so many statistics about the historically unprecedented luck he received when he went to Arizona (seeing like 2 top 10 offenses all year (in four very bad starts), and bottom 8 offenses in something like 75% of his starts. But it doesn't matter to those that like Hudson. He's the one that "got away". Despite being yet another example in a string of marginal 6th starters that come through our system.
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