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Originally Posted by BigKlu59 View Post
Yup, Hawk has reached the "Hey you kids, get off of the Damn lawn" season in his life.. Even his anecdotal Hawkisms are gettin old.. Its sad when these guys get to the point where they sound like the character in the movie "Everybodys All American" reliving their own exploits. We know Hawk, those 67 Red Sox were a damn fine team..Um, they also caught a few breaks too,.

Sad to lose him in favour of a cookie cutter talking head, but that seems to be the MLB way. Have to hand it to a picture painter like Scully. The guy has survived talking a baseball in the context of the game itself without all of the new bangs and whistles and over the top colour commentary. Maybe thats how my ear grew up listening to guys like him and Elson describing the game.

I as well think its time to turn the page. Nell has it right. A big catharsis is in order.. Watching this team is like watching a faithful old dog die. You know its right to put it down, but the Mutt has always been there for ya and in your heart of hearts you just cant do it...

Klu, Some think that the Commander was boring but I thought he was damn good, the game, without getting too emotional about it, was the all important thing. He got a little excited for a White Sox Wallop and a box of White Owl Cigars. Never heard the man knock a player. "Remember fans, that errors like runs and hits are all part of this great game."
Batting in the second position for the White Sox, number 2, the second baseman Nelson Fox.

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