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Originally Posted by StillMissOzzie View Post
I really think he's hurting, watching the team play so poorly for what seem like longer and longer stretches of futility. I also think he is getting a bit tired of spouting the party line and trying to blow sunshine up our asses regarding this team. He actually called the offense "inept" this evening.

On other thing to keep in mind is that Hawk has long served as Jerry Reinsdorf's mouthpiece. He never says anything unless it reflects Reinsdorf's feelings about the club, which is part of the reason why JR was so hard on him last season after his umpiring outburst. If Hawk is avoiding negative comments about the team, it's likely because that's what he's been told to do. If he called the team's offense inept, that probably means JR is pissed about the offense's futility.
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