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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oh, I'm not critiqueing his opinion of the actual players, most everything I've read suggests the Sox did reach a bit for Anderson and Danish, I'm just saying that the way the draft is set up now, the way the bonus money is slotted and lumped, there's really no point in making any sweeping generalizations about how a team passed or failed after only 2 rounds. That'd be the rough equivalent of saying the Spurs will definitely win the NBA Finals now that they've won the first 14% of the series. It's stupid fluff that's not worth reading. Yes, the Sox reached for their first two picks, but they seem to be making up for it with some pretty bold selections today. I would have to assume that's been the plan all along.

By the way, that can't be a paid site, right? I mean, seriously, they ough to fire the writer, find some other idiot who will write the same **** for free and pay someone who is capable of actual web design. Looks like it was coded in 1999.
I think its a side site, its all word-press. Crawford has a few of those (one with Jason Churchill, They did the analysis last night also and the ESPN.COM live chat during the draft

Its funny actually, most MLB scouting sites are just horrendously ugly, look like they were build in the 90s using Angelfire. I mean really, no one cares about this stuff, its not the NFL draft, so its probably the same guys building the site that are sitting there watching the prospects.
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