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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I love the Danish pick.... The article nailed it.... The Kid is as much Jake Peavy as he is Pat Neshek....

He has good velocity and he gets insane movement on his stuff with that delivery. He is very young, but the potential to be great is there.

I admittedly don't mind bad mechanics as much as some. Mark Prior had perfect mechanics that were going to carry him for 20 years, and now those mechanics are blamed for ruining his arm.

Love this kids stuff. Bradford is even a bad comparison, he threw from underneath and had no velocity. This kid has not even maxed out, he could sit in the mid 90s when he finishes developing.
Well, the Peavy comparison was simply a slot comparison, not a stuff or even a motion comparison. I mean...the article even says he's Neshek without the stuff. And Neshek didn't have Peavy's stuff.

I'm not thrilled with the pick, but I don't hate it. He's really young, so you never know. They might see something in that delivery that they can fix and make him more effective.
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