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Originally Posted by asindc View Post
He's only saying that because he didn't like the pick. He is the only one saying it's a huge reach, based on the Sox's poor player development record, not the potential of the player himself.
That and there was just much better talent available. I will admit, when it comes to the MLB draft, I hate the notion of drafting based on a certain position as prospects are such crap shoots and provide little immediate impact. So drafting the best SS available, because the position is very thin this year and he is very signable, and not because he is anything close to the best player available, is a big reach to me.

That said, I really enjoy the draft and amateur baseball, a friend of mine did the pick by pick analysis for this year, so I could talk about these guys all day.

I think after sleeping on it, most of my disappointment stems from the fact Hahn is not changing anything, atleast not early in the draft.
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