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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Well, Peavy isn't Zach Greinke so of course I was going to say that. You're right, I worded it wrong. You can get something for players in walk years; but guys like Jake Peavy don't get you something in their walk years. Young aces do. Veterans with extensive injury histories do not. And now that he's hurt again, he's really not gonna get much.

A team like the Orioles would have traded for Peavy in the last few weeks. It was rumored they inquired and were told we weren't dealing.

The Dempster package was garbage, but so is Dempster. Even that Braves package that never was. Don't believe the Chicago media hype. Randall Delgado was regarded positively because he was close to ready, not because he was special. His ceiling was still a 4. It's like getting Hector Santiago in a trade. Not exactly a game changer. And certainly not what you want for someone like Peavy.
For Christ's sake, just give it a rest, you're wrong.

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