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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
His speed projects 60-70 by most, mostly 65-70. But I have not seen ANY projection grades that have any other tool in the 60s. I think you need to do more than Run well to be a star.

He has all the makings of a 1st rounder to being picked around where he is.... he has a chance to stick at a thin and tough position, he offensively is a 2nd round talent, which makes him signable. I would not even mind it if they were going to use the money to draft over slot later, but history says they won't.

Only Jerry can get the rules changed single handedly to benefit himself, and then still come out as the cheapest team in the draft still haha.

If you had to grade this pick right now, with Stanek on the board, anything over a B- is a stretch.
This guy was jumping up almost everyone's board so it's easy to dismiss him if you hadn't been following him. He had a tremendous year with the stick and improved exponentially as the year went on (forcing his way into draft boards). Most grades online are not going to take his ridiculous improvement rate into consideration, and he's still learning to hit offensively, but he's definitely shown enough pop at SS for lots of people to move him this far up.

edit: I think also you're basing a lot of this off of Stanek, whom I do not share your regard for. I think there's still better pitchers out there if you're going that route.

edit: that deserves an explanation I suppose. Stanek was all over the place this year, after already not having great command of his pitches. I think his future is in the pen.

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