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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Anyone who doesn't think we should have traded Peavy already is in denial of the state of the White Sox. It was obvious even before the last losing streak this team was a lock for bottom of the division. That's when the trade needed to happen. You want to disagree with that, that's your perogative. But it isn't like A) it wasn't said then by many people and B) it isn't incredibly obvious now. Our run differential doesn't even point to a 70 win team. We're probably more likely to lose 100 than win 70. Waiting when it's blatantly obvious it's time to blow it up is another in a long list of why Rick Hahn is not/should never have been a major league general manager. Seriously, we can't get better until he's fired.
Oh, good ****ing Lord, the usual over-the-top, hyperdrama.

First, anyone who thinks the Sox should have traded Peavy already is completely out of their mind. Please explain how it would have helped the team to give away a valuable asset that's signed to a team-friendly deal in May, a period when no team is offering solid prospects for veterans. Yes, there is inherent risk when you hold on to a player in hopes as time and performance pass that his value will rise, and yes, if Peavy's hurt until the trade deadline, that will be a missed opportunity for the Sox, but they need impact players, not the usual organization filler. Holding Peavy until July and hoping a desperate team in need of a veteran arm was the right play. I really shouldn't have to explain this. It is possible to be realistic of the Sox's chances this year AND ALSO not think they need to completely panic and sell everything for nickels on the dollar.

I could entertain the idea the Sox should have traded Peavy if he had some ridiculously long and expensive contract that would impair the team's ability to rebuild, but he doesn't, he's here for 1 more season at a very reasonable rate for a guy whose been around the Top 15 of WAR for P for most of the season.

Second, Hahn was frequently praised as a well regarded up and coming GM. What a ridiculous assessment based on absolutely nothing.

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