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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Anyone who doesn't think we should have traded Peavy already is in denial of the state of the White Sox. It was obvious even before the last losing streak this team was a lock for bottom of the division. That's when the trade needed to happen. You want to disagree with that, that's your perogative. But it isn't like A) it wasn't said then by many people and B) it isn't incredibly obvious now. Our run differential doesn't even point to a 70 win team. We're probably more likely to lose 100 than win 70. Waiting when it's blatantly obvious it's time to blow it up is another in a long list of why Rick Hahn is not/should never have been a major league general manager. Seriously, we can't get better until he's fired.
The sky is falling. We're all doomed.

What were the offers for Peavy? If you don't have any idea, you are the one in denial. He still can probably be traded at some point if need be.

Considering you had the Tigers threatening to have the best record of all time coming into this season and highly touted their then to be rookie closer, if Hahn is a lousy GM, I know someone who would be a lot worse.
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