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Originally Posted by SOXPHILE View Post
And the very next night, as he did his run out to right field, the entire stadium gave him a standing ovation. The camera even caught one assclown, probably in his 40's and who should have known better, holding a sign that read "Sammy Sosa Is Still My Hero". Again, dumbest, stupidest fans in all four pro-sports.
One of my Cub fan friends who I thought was at least semi-knowledgeable about baseball told me that the corked bat incident is the only thing keeping Sammy out of the hall of fame. My response was "you can't be serious?" yet he was totally serious. He doesn't believe Sosa juiced because there hasn't been any "real evidence" that he did. I sat there completely stunned. It makes me wonder how many other Cub fans might be in denial about Sosa's juicing? And yes, some of the dumbest fans around indeed.
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