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Originally Posted by SOXPHILE View Post
Larry Holmes is a phony. Phony tough guy. Phony ladies man. Phony friend and insider with Bears players like Lance Briggs. Annoying fake laugh/cackle. Tries too hard to emulate and kiss Dan Bernsteins ass. He belongs nowhere near tv or radio, especially in the 3rd largest market in the country. High school radio shows are better than anything he does.
I've noticed a lot of the younger guys on the score are like that. I drive into work around 11pm, so i often hear Joe O, Conner McKnight and some of the other younger guys on. They often mock the listeners in a very Berstein manner. Just last night i heard jay zawaski break out into the "meatball bears fan" voice when talking to a guy about the Blackhawks. My guess is they see Bernstein has the prime afternoon slot, makes(what i assume is) good money and think "this is the way to the top here".

I actually think a lot of the younger guys are pretty talented, but when they start breaking out the BB show style stuff, i generally turn it off.
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