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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I don't see us getting much of a prospect for an aging .180 hitter- but if its possible- I agree with you.
If they eat the salary that might get them something. Might be an AL team thinks a DH who can hit 25 HR between now and October could help him or that a change of scenery would help. Might even be a NL team in need of a new 1B figures playing the field would allow Dunn to get his head right.

Trading is something I could understand even if they don't get much. Releasing is simply a bad idea.

Edit: And even if the young player could out hit Dunn, is it the right move for that player? Only thing I could think makes sense is to DH Tank and put Wise or Danks in LF. Still not sure it's the best idea, but at least the defense would improve.

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