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Originally Posted by thomas35forever View Post
Not with his contract. It wouldn't just be bad business for us. It would be bad for baseball. Suddenly, the days of large guaranteed contracts would be put at risk. As much as I'd like to see a salary cap in MLB, one of the attractions for teams in the long run is that they get fans to come out and see their stars produce for an extended period. Dunn should not be the player to ruin it for everyone. Believe it or not, most players are serviceable at worst for contracts like these. Has Soriano lived up to his deal every year with the Cubs? No. His defense has left something to be desired in years past. Still, most would love to have him on their team. The Cubs have been rather lucky to have him all this time.

If Adam Dunn is the reason blockbuster deals can't be played out anymore, I fear for the future of this game.

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