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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
Interesting. Walker seems to be doing well in Atlanta, which only further convinces me that I was wrong to think he was the problem here. Sox hitters suck because they suck, not because of Greg Walker.

We'll see if Brett turns out to be a good hitting instructor. Most of the elite hitters who've tried their hand at it haven't been effective teachers because they couldn't relate to the lesser players who needed the most instruction.
On a local (SC) jock talk show recently there was mention that some Braves fans were complaining of the high strikeout all or nothing approach of Braves hitters. Atlanta as a team has been very streaky, hot, then cold and then hot again. I think the all or nothing approach is a problem more widespread than just the Sox and the Braves. As for Walker, he had some success in Chicago, but the time for his departure was right. I'm actually happy for him. He's in his home state and on a contender.
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