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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Why? Not gonna save money. Got no one else makes sense to put at DH. When he's on a hot streak he can still carry the team like he did for a few weeks earlier this month when the Sox climbed back to .500.

I understand people are upset because the Sox just lost 3 straight to the flubbies, but releasing Dunn makes NO sense at all...
Nope, the Sox and us fans are pretty much stuck with him and his deplorable batting average and strikeouts. He does get some RBI's in a horrendously bad lineup. It is what it is, makes no sense to release the guy making millions of dollars. I can't really say it was a bad move because nobody expected what they got that first year, the worst batting season in the history of baseball. He was ok last year and somewhere in between this year. I loved this move, you look at his career totals and there was nothing to make one think, despite age, he would be this bad. No Monday quarterbacking here.
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