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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I'm glad the Sox swept this team. The Marlins might be the worst team in baseball. A better hitting team probably would have gotten to Axelrod today, but a win is a win. The bullpen pitched well, especially Crain and Reed.
Axelrod brought very little to the mound with him today but somehow got through 5 innings. As you pointed out, the competition he faced certainly helped. A more patient offense like Boston would have probably let him walk himself into way more trouble than the Marlins gave him. However, the Sox did what they had to do and that is beat a team they needed to beat.

There was a lot to like about this game. Hector Gimenez made a great block at home plate receiving a nice recovery throw by Rios. Nice opposite field bomb from Dunn got things rolling. De Aza splitting the gap and taking the lead right back. Crain and Reed doing their thing. Let's beat up on the baby bears next and get fully back in this Central race.
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