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On one hand, the Marlins being the least successful NL team, fans would have been disappointed if the Sox hadn't swept this weekend. On the other hand, the Marlins played the Sox tough this weekend and stayed in Saturday's game till the end by getting an exceptional performance from their starting pitcher. The White Sox came into this homestand below .500 because they didn't win some winnable games due to lapses on defense that contributed to bad relief outings. They finish the weekend above .500 because they played solid baseball, in games that could have been lost if they hadn't.

Considering that the White Sox have a better record against winning teams than sub-.500 teams, this weekend should not be shrugged off because they beat an inferior team. Maybe this was the best time to play the Marlins, before inevitable changes, before players with something to prove get more playing time. The Tigers end their season with three in Miami after three in Minnesota. If the race isn't over (they finish at home against the White Sox), the Twins and Marlins could

I liked the way Ventura used the bullpen this weekend. Lindstrom was the only reliever who had any real problems, and with good defense behind him, the problems didn't prove fatal.

Today's ninth was easier than Saturday's ninth for a couple of reasons, one of which was the Sox having Reed close the game, but had Reed saved Saturday night's game, he might not have been as sharp Sunday afternoon. The Sox also added to the lead in the bottom of the eighth. It was good to see Ramirez grounding out to the right side after the leadoff double instead of bunting.

There is no question that the White Sox are playing better now than they were a month ago. Viciedo, in particular, is quietly having a pretty good offensive year after coming back from his injury, before which he was unimpressive.

It's too bad the Sox let so many games get away from them in April because they are only four games behind the Tigers. They are only 2.5 games behind the Indians.

What hasn't changed is that the White Sox will only go as far as their pitching and defense will take them this season. What has changed since that losing stretch that started with the lost series in D.C. is that the team is executing. If they keep executing, they will stay in the race.
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