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Originally Posted by MISoxfan View Post
I am not missing any point. You continue to indicate that not striking out is a better indicator of a good offense than scoring runs. Also, could you go one or two posts without indicating that anyone who doesn't agree with you doesn't watch the game?
If that is what you believe I am indicating, you indeed are missing the point.

Strikeouts are not an indicator of whether an offense is good or bad. The only one statistic that indicates that is runs scored, and even that doesn't tell you how good an offense might be against a given team or pitcher in a given setting. Strikeouts do indicate a level of vulnerability that hold your team back.

Striking out less improves your offense. It allows you to manufacture more runs. Teams that are successful tend to manufacture a lot of runs whether or not their run totals indicate they have a good offense.

If you are a hitter that strikes out a lot and has a low batting average, you have been an easy out against pitchers who throw strikes. It is rare when you are not hurting your offense.

We aren't talking about hitters changing their hitting styles and taking away from their strengths. We are talking about enhancing their weaknesses. We are talking about hitters focusing on putting the ball in play when they are faced with two strike counts, improving their chances of not making an out.
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