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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
I really wouldn't call 25 "over age". AAA is full of guys in their mid 20's who are waiting patiently for their first shot.
Those guys usually don't turn out to be solid MLB players, though, they're the kind of AAAA-type, organizational depth players you find in AAA.

FWIW, a small sampling of the names you'll find at the top of the International League's leaderboard in IP so far through 2013: Zach Stewart, Jair Jurrgens, Ross Ohlendorf, Alex Colome...

Wash outs and a busted prospect...

Originally Posted by mzh View Post
Connor Gillaspie is 25 and getting his first shot right now as we speak and doing pretty damn well, so this is correct.
That's true, though part of his problem was that he was blocked in the Giants organization. It's not that I don't think Phegley can play at this level, it's just that people need to have a tempered expectation of what he can do here. If he can hit the Mendoza line and not have a passed ball every god damn game, that would be enough to be considered successful.

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