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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Not that the Sox need pitching right now, but when do you see Johnson being ready for the majors? And what kind of pitcher do you think he will be? Thanks for any insight you can share.
Honestly, no earlier than the middle of next year. I think we're very fortunate to have some pitching depth on the major league level so Johnson can get some more innings pitched in the minors. To date he only has about 150 innings pitched for his entire career.

I haven't read a recent scouting report on Erik, but he usually throws a fastball and a slider and tries to mix in a change-up. He's trying to develop a change-up and I'm not sure where that currently stands. His fastball sits in the low 90's and has a little movement on it. The slider is his money pitch, nice and tight.

He's not a future ace by my estimation, but has the ability to be a middle of the rotation innings eater. Right now, he just needs to stay healthy and get some experience.
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