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Originally Posted by MISoxfan View Post
AL Strikeouts
1: Oakland Athletics (94-68) Runs Scored: 8th
2: Tampa Bay Rayes (90-72) Runs Scored: 11th
3: Baltimore Orioles (93-69) Runs Scored: 9th

14: Kansas City Royals (72-90) Runs Scored: 12th
13: Minnesota Twins (66-96) Runs Scored: 10th
12: Cleveland Indians (68-94) Runs Scored: 13th

I'm not going to continue doing that for every single season, but you can look through every single season and see if you can find a strong correlation between strikeouts and runs scored if you want. I don't think you'll find one. As far as the 2011 World Series, the White Sox had the second fewest strikeouts with 989 and scored a whopping 654 runs.
How many of those teams hit .180?

If you look at the teams that scored the most runs, you will find they are all in the lower half of the league in strikeouts, btw. Yanks, LA and Tex all K'd less than 1200 times, compared to average of about 1350 of the top 3 teams. Same with 2011, Texas had the lowest K rate, all top three teams in runs in lower half.
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