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Originally Posted by RCWHITESOX View Post
I have to disagree with you. I like you believe that instant replay is important; but so does the human element that has made this game great over the years. I hope Joe Torre and staff continue their good work and live on.
I will have to respectfully disagree with you, I can't imagine anything else in which we would continue to allow such egregious human error to continue unabated when the technology to rectify much of those mistakes exists.

That said, can we at least find some middle ground in saying that if we're going to have human umps, they be put through rigorous evaluations and competition every year? How do we keep letting **** umps like Angel Hernandez and Joe West seemingly hold their job forever? If we're going to stick it out with people, can we at least hold them accountable to be the best umpires in the business? Just as players are expected to perform at a certain level, it's becoming ridiculous how many times per night these guys blow a call. I can count three pretty awful blown calls around the MLB tonight alone

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