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Originally Posted by slavko View Post
Playing the infield in was the key. Doesn't it increase BA's by 80 points? At normal depth, it was likely a double play.
Some people say 80 points. Some say 100 points. It probably depends on the hitter's ability to make contact. Whether tonight's game-ending hit would have been a double play at normal depth depends on how far the third baseman would have had to range for the ball. You would like to think Keppinger hit it where he did because the infield was playing in at the corners, and, really, there's no reason not to give him the benefit of the doubt. If the third baseman has to leave his feet, the double play is probably lost, and he probably isn't going to get the runner out at the plate.

Gene Mauch, when he managed the Expos, used to pull in an outfielder to add another infielder in such situations. The only time I saw it work though was when the hitter struck out.
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