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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
As Paulwny showed you the term "marginal player" was hardly fair. Face it the world is made up of all types and in statistics we learn about "outliers". It's not a cookie cutter world. Not yet anyway. So you're a lean mean bike messenger machine and really I think that's great. I'll still take Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera on my team any day of the week. As for Babe Ruth falling off in his early 30's you be the judge.
I agree. Fielder and Cabrera would be welcome on my team. If only everyone would do what some people think is best for everyone. Some people are exceptions to the rules.

If you look at an acuarial table it will show, for each age, what the probability is that a person of a given age will die before his or her next birthday. But if you look at one person that table will tell you little or nothing.